Private Lessons - 2023
Adult Program - For the Love of Sailing!

We offer private sailing instruction for adults and youth on dinghies (420 or RS Visions) and Keelboats if you are not interested in group lessons, or if our course schedule conflicts with your own. These lessons are conducted by experienced instructors, and can be scheduled anytime during day time hours, 7 days a week, June to September. We can accommodate any skill level, from brand new sailors to experienced sailors wanting to hone their racing skills.

  • We recommend the dinghy private lesson if you consider yourself to be relatively active and comfortable around water. Since the boats are smaller, being able to move around and shift your weight is necessary to keep the boat flat. There is also a chance of capsizing, in which case you will need to use your weight to bring the boat back into the upright position, while navigating yourself around the boat in the water. You will always be wearing a life jacket. The lesson is taught with up to 4 students, students will be two or one to a boat. For a one-on-one private lesson, the instructor will accompany you in a two handed boat. For a semi-private (two person) lesson, both students will be in the boat while the instructor is in a coach boat right next to you.

  • We recommend the keelboat private lesson if you'd like a more laid back experience, or you don't want to enter the water at any time. This is also the course to take if you are planning on buying a keelboat of your own. The larger keelboat we teach on is more stable than the dinghies, and there is no requirement to enter the water. The lesson is taught with up to 5 students and 1 instructor, all on the same keelboat. 
  • Lessons start June 1st and run until the end of September.

    Contact to schedule your private lesson before registering.

    Dinghy Private 3 hour lesson: $180 plus HST
    Dinghy Semi-Private (2 person) 3 hour lesson: $130/person ($260 total) plus HST
    Keelboat "Introduction to Boating" 3 hour lesson: $275 for one person ($50 for every additional person up to 5 people) plus HST
    Click the link below and select "Private Lesson" from the list. Please contact to schedule the lesson before registering.


    Registration is online and payment can be made with a MasterCard or Visa credit card.
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